HMH Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in 2008 to cater to the growing demand for quality technology-based solutions. HMH Tech’s latest venture is Sifu, an online platform which offers students and lesson providers the opportunity to connect anytime, anywhere. Sifu’s mission is to become the go-to marketplace for learning and teaching in Malaysia. By creating a platform for tutors and learning centres to list their services, students are able to conveniently search through an extensive list of courses taught by expert instructors. At present, Sifu houses an extensive list of 1,000 private tutors offering 3,000 classes in various fields.

In the past, HMH Tech was involved in developing e-banking terminals for CIMB Bank, Maybank and Affin Bank one of the largest banks in Malaysia. These secure terminals (complying with the Bank Negara guidelines) were installed in public areas such as shopping malls, retail banking locations and transportation hubs and are still in operation today.

Join GetLulu Campaign

Another past project is GetLulu, a mobile application (app) which acts as a company to client interface for the reservation of beauty and cosmetic services. Service providers such as hair and beauty salons, or even independent consultants, list their “menu” on the app; and clients can browse, make a reservation and pay for the service through the app itself.